Sunday, September 13, 2009


I recently received a Mimio for my classroom and I gotta say that I absolutely LOVE it! It makes teaching so much fun! As you can see in the picture above (which is NOT me!), the kids get really involved and really enjoy using it as well. A Mimio is similar in concept to the SmartBoard, but it takes up a lot less space (It's also MUCH more affordable)! In the top left of the picture you can see a grey bar. This bar is the interactive tool that reads everything you do with your mouse pen and feeds it back to your computer. I have been trying to use more technology in the classroom (my goal is once a day), and not to use it solely to use technology for technology's sake, but to enhance learning.
We've already done quite a bit with our Mimio and I plan on doing many more lessons with it. It has great templates and even has great starter lessons on the website. I am absolutely amazed at the cool things they continue to create. If you're a teacher, I would definitely recommend learning how to use this and making efforts on getting one in your own classroom.

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