Monday, August 18, 2008

Congrats to Jason and Karen Ragland!

One of Mark's friends from high school got married this weekend and we were honored to attend.

(Don't let the knife deceive you...they are happy together!)

I absolutely LOVED the cake and thought I'd post it on here for Ami who enjoys creating and decorating cakes. It was very yummy too!

I had so much fun with Mark during this wedding. At the reception, we had our own little table and I know I loved just spending time and laughing with him.

The night before, Mark and I needed to purchase a gift. We could not find a registry so we ended up creating our own gift basket for the happy couple. I started getting ideas and Mark helped me out a ton. We decided on a wine basket with glasses, ice bucket, corkscrew, candles, napkins with rings, and a nice bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz to top it off.

Here's a picture of our final product:


Tina said...

small world. stephanie wilburn did her makeup, and i met them at the mac counter. by the way, i was sondering where you're teaching now and if you're still in g-town?

Emily said...

love the gift! great idea.

Maria said...

It is a small world! Yes, I am still in G-town. I'm teaching 3rd grade at Anne Mason Elementary up here.

Thanks Emily!