Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cooking for a Cure!

This past year was very difficult for myself and my family as we watched 2 of our loved ones battle cancer. I've always been supportive of the American Cancer Society but only recently has it meant so much to me. This year, I have decided to participate in the Relay for Life. I'm on a team from school with Mark, Jen, my mom, and some co-workers (including Clint and Sarah). Our relay is Friday, May 16th and I'm getting very excited about it. My kids are getting very into it as well since we're doing a "Penny War" between all of the 3rd grade classes.

I would encourage anyone to research Relay for Life and get involved in an event near you soon. If you don't feel like actually participating in the event, but would like to contribute in some way there are some great opportunities to do so.

1) Pampered Chef has a "Help Whip Cancer" campaign where part of the proceeds go to the ACS. This would be a great way to give to a good cause while getting some of those necessary kitchen items you've been eyeing. You can let me know if you want to order something or you can go to this website.

Right now they have 3 specials available when you order. A pink mini scoop and measure for $5, pink kitchen gloves for $10, or a pink kitchen brush for $6 (obviously all pink for cancer).

Now, I'm not a Pampered Chef guru by any means, but I have bought a few things in the past that have been great in case you're looking for some cheap, convenient, and useful items.

The Classic Batter Bowl is $15
(great for mixing and storage)

Mix 'N Chop for $9
(great for chopping beef when making spaghetti or tacos)

Apple Wedger for $12
(This is my FAVORITE! It makes cutting apples really fun...the small joys in life)


2) You can buy a $5 raffle ticket from me. You can buy as many as you want and your ticket goes into a drawing for a Pampered Chef gift certificate. You can e-mail me (mariabennett13@yahoo.com) if you want one and I can just fill it out for you.

3) You can contribute directly to our relay team. You can either just give me any donations at any time or you can make an online donation by visiting my Relay for Life home page. All of your money would go directly to ACS.

I promise I will not turn my blog into a solicitation trap, but I did want to make you aware of something that means a lot to me and provide outlets for anyone who is interested in showing support in any way.


Emily said...

I have the apple cutter but I really want a salad spinner!

mom said...

So, what do you do with the apple core? Eat it???? :-)